Rich Dean



My name is Rich Dean and I love to use my hands to create sculptures that mimic or make you think about the world. Making things that people can connect with gives me great joy and the process (however up and down it can be) is the best part.


A sculpture can tell you so many things about life; whether it shows you things you’ve never seen or makes you feel a certain way about things you have witnessed.


I have had no formal art training, however have always enjoyed making things from an early age as I explored different materials (with varying degrees of success!). It has always been the process, rather than the end result, I have enjoyed the most; making something out of nothing.


My father always said “learn a trade first then do what you want” which is the best bit of advice I’ve had as I decided to attend college and study for a welding apprenticeship which gave me the skills I needed for my sculptures today.


Living on the south coast near the town of Brighton has inspired me to create pieces that juxtapose the natural environment with manmade elements. I like to use organic materials along with mild steel because both give different textures at different stages of their life span which, I think, is important. It’s like nature is reclaiming what you have created. I feel that using a combination of metal and wood shows the correlation between the modern world and nature.


I believe that a sculpture gives you an insight into the sculptor’s mind, it can show you how they perceive the world and their feelings towards it. More importantly though is how they make people who view their creations feel and that is the most interesting thing for me because everyone one is different, and every sculpture makes people react in different ways.


I hope that you enjoy my pieces and that they inspire you.