Rich Dean

Hello my name is Rich Dean and I love to use my hands to create sculptures, I attempt to draw what I am thinking but, in my mind, it has always been easier to sculpt.


I enjoy replicating nature and putting my own twist on each piece, making a sculpture that people can connect with gives me great joy and the process (however up and down!) is what I enjoy most.


An art piece can show you so much, whether it is a feeling, a memory or, perhaps, you enjoy interpreting what you see in your own way. I feel very fortunate to be able to create something out of nothing, and to do this for a living is wonderful.


I have no formal art training however I have always enjoyed making things from an early age, starting with cardboard boxes and Lego then moving onto clay I explored many different materials with varying degrees of success.


My Mum is a fantastic Artist who makes animals and landscapes come alive using oil, acrylic and recently, coloured pencils. I still don’t understand how she gets them so life like, but then again, she says the same thing about my sculptures! 


My Dad was a very practical man and taught me a vast array of skills which I will be forever thankful for. He also gave me some fantastic advice, “get a trade then do what you want”. With this nugget of wisdom, I enrolled on a four-year City & Guilds Modern Apprenticeship in Welding and Fabrication.


From there I have worked in various industries and even used my skills while travelling the World.


I discovered with this new skill I could create the things I had floating in my mind! I started to produce sculptures in my own time which I got great responses for and eventually started to make them for clients.  I like to use mild and stainless steel depending on where the sculpture is going and what aesthetic my client is looking for.


I enjoy producing my own designs however working with clients provides me the opportunity to push myself and to create something original and personal to them.


I believe that a sculpture gives you an insight into the sculptor’s mind, it can show you how they perceive the world and their feelings towards it.


More importantly though is how they make people who view their creations feel and that is the most interesting aspect for me because everyone is different, and every sculpture can elicit different responses.


I hope that you enjoy my art and that they inspire you.